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Families can enroll their children into either the morning or afternoon program in one of three classrooms (toddler, junior preschool, preschool). Children are enrolled in the class that best suits their needs. Our toddler program can accommodate 10 children (18mths to 2.5yrs) while our two preschool programs (2.5-4yrs) can accommodate up to 13 children.

Each classroom is supported by two Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE) with a wealth of knowledge and understanding. Classrooms are considered learning environments, and are set up daily with developmentally appropriate play activities, which are geared to your child’s interest while providing for further skill development. Your child’s RECE Teachers are with the children at all program times throughout the week thus, providing a consistent and safe space for your child’s first school experience.

Therapy is incorporated into the daily program through the play program. The assigned therapist for each class is on-site two days per week.

Classrooms are busy, messy and fun. The children are happy, secure and excited.

Learning Spaces


The Snoezelen is a safe and comfortable space for children to experience a range of sensory stimuli including light, touch, sound and smell. The Snoezelen room provides benefits to communication, behaviour and self-regulation and tension reduction.

Merlin's Magic Wand

At Silver Creek, we see magic happen every single day, and our new Merlin’s Magic Space ensures there will always be a place for children to come and play, to be delighted, and to learn in a safe space designed specifically with them in mind. Our gym allows children to have a dedicated space for gross motor and physical activity.

Outdoor Playground

Our natural playground supports opportunities for children to engage in non-competitive play. A constantly changing environment provides a space to explore, move, interact and create. An outdoor classroom promotes learning in a quiet and stress-free landscape.

Empowering Children

An inquiry-based education is facilitated through the inclusion of an emergent curriculum, enhancing student understanding and connecting learning to real-world application. Whether within the traditional classroom or through our interactive outdoor learning space, students receive personalized lessons targeting math, science, art, sensory actions mobility, and physical movement. Experiential learning ensures all children enjoy the learning process and engage with a variety of critical thinking processes. The introduction of early academic concepts provide room for personal exploration, as children develop independence and self-awareness alongside new social skills. At Silver Creek Pre School children are provided with a tailored program that fits their ability level and learning style.