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Music Therapy

At Silver Creek Pre-School, music therapy aims to support the overall developmental growth of each child. A music therapist works alongside and in conjunction with other therapeutic disciplines and teachers to promote, maintain and restore mental, physical and emotional qualities in students. Music therapy sessions include singing, listening, moving, playing and creative activities, using many types of instruments and exploring many styles of music. These activities work to increase auditory attention, auditory discrimination, self-awareness, self-regulation, and coping skills.

The many ways in which music therapy is practiced at Silver Creek are listed below.

Classroom music therapy

Classroom music therapy is a strong focus of the music therapy program, occurring weekly in every class. Classroom music therapy focuses on the following goals:

  1. To promote increased confidence and social comfort through participation in instrumental play and the singing of songs.
  2. To promote increased auditory attention through initiating and sustaining body movements that correspond to the beat of a presented song.
  3. To promote group cooperation and impulse control. (Activities include: holding and moving the parachute, waiting and taking a turn, and sharing an instrument with the therapist or with a peer.)

Music and movement groups

Throughout the year, different groups of children with similar physical needs participate together in gross motor musical activities. These activities include: maneuvering through obstacle courses, body awareness songs, trunk control in sitting to allow reaching in all directions, transitional movements, standing balance, and activities using the parachute. All groups are planned in conjunction with an occupational therapist or physiotherapist, assistant OTA/PTA, and music therapist.

Individual and small group music therapy

Individual sessions are offered as needed, and are structured to meet the needs of the child. Small group therapy works in partnership with speech or physio/occupational therapy. Goals for both individual and small group therapy are created to suit the needs of the children.