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Other General Information

Please write your child’s name on jackets, scarves, sweaters, bags, etc., with up to 70 children enrolled you can appreciate the difficulty we have in sorting out who owns what.

In winter, snow pants and scarves are NOT necessary for children riding the bus and these extra layers may lead to the child overheating on the bus. However, if we will be using our outdoor space, it is necessary. So pack these in a knapsack.

If your child has a bad cold or a very runny nose, please arrange to have him/her kept at home or at the baby sitter’s. Colds speed through the school rapidly. Vomiting and/or diarrhea, and fevers are a sign that your child is sick with something contagious. Your child will need to stay home until symptom-free for 24 hours.

As some of the children are attending on a part time basis, the question often asked is, “If a child’s day of attendance is lost through one reason or another, can that day be made up on another day?”

The answer to that is, unfortunately, no. Although we would like to be able to accommodate this, we are strictly governed by the government’s guidelines regarding class size.

For the same reason noted above, siblings cannot attend Silver Creek on their P.D. Days.

We will expect your child to be attending regularly. Extended vacations or absences, or missed school days because of other therapies are discouraged as it is important for your child to participate fully in our routines and classroom activities to benefit most effectively from the program. If you are subsidized by the City of Toronto you have a maximum of 35 days per calendar year before the City will revoke your subsidy (you can appeal for additional days with the City of Toronto, Subsidy office). We have a significant waitlist for spots at Silver Creek so if your child’s attendance is not regular and they miss 35 days and you do not secure more days from the City of Toronto, we are obliged to give your spot to another child.

Throughout the year we have all kinds of fun activity days and themes planned. Baking, special guests, pajama party, etc., as well as occasional outings. You will be advised of these occasions well in advance and must give permission for your child to attend anything off site.

Of particular note is our annual Winter Family Circle and end of year picnic. Parents are welcome on any trips/off-site activities.