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Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physiotherapy (PT)

Paediatric Occupational Therapy helps children participate in meaningful activities (“occupations”) that make up a child’s everyday life. Physiotherapy focuses on mobility and physical activity. OTs and PTs work to enhance functional abilities and to increase independence, participation and engagement in play and learning. Examples of OT and PT skills and areas of focus include:

  • OT: fine motor, play skills, feeding, sensory processing, self-regulation, pre-printing and pre-literacy skills, handwriting.
  • PT: gross motor, positioning, stretching, strengthening, balance, coordination, motor planning.

At Silver Creek, every child will receive occupational therapy and/or physiotherapy services depending on your child’s need.
OT and PT is a part of the learning team within your child’s classroom to ensure both physical and emotional development. The team at Silver Creek is responsible for assessment and goal setting, and works in collaboration with parents in the planning and delivery of treatment.

There are several ways that OT and PT are provided at Silver Creek, listed below:

  1. In the classroom, therapy is integrated as part of the program. Therapy goals are incorporated into circle time, free play, snack time, and transitions – during all routines of the day. Adapted seating, positioning, mobility aids, and other specialized equipment are available for your child to maximize his/her ability to play and participate in the program.
  2. Specialized therapy groups. The OT, PT, and therapy assistants run small groups throughout the week, focusing on specific gross motor skills, pre-printing, fine motor skills, self-help and sensory strategies.
  3. Collaborative Therapy groups. Groups are co-facilitated across multiple therapeutic disciplines. As an example, we have Music and Movement groups in which the music therapist helps facilitate movement, body awareness, and motor planning through the use of music.
  4. Individual goals. These goals are worked on throughout the day in the classroom, Snoezelen room, gym, and during transitions (for example, working on walking when going to and from the bus). All staff including therapists and teachers will encourage and facilitate every child in meeting their individualized, family-centred goals.

Along with these programs, a variety of therapy approaches are available to ensure each child receives the necessary support for their individualized success. Many of our Silver Creek therapy staff are trained in Kinesiotaping, Theratogs, Cuevas Medek Exercises, Neurodevelopment Treatment, yoga therapy, Handwriting Without Tears, and many others. Also, we work together with licensed orthotists to run orthotics clinics at the pre-school.

Our Mission is Play

At the heart of Silver Creek’s mission is play; where elements of fun and engaging activities stimulate development and promote positive outcomes. To maximize your child’s potential at home and school, it is beneficial that the staff of Silver Creek collaborate with families and outside agencies, to provide the best service of care to your child. We welcome and encourage ongoing input from parents!