Program & Pedagogy Policy

Silver Creek follows the philosophy of the Ministry of Education’s Early Learning for Every Child Today document (ELECT). We are guided by the principals of ELECT and the 2014 document “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years.”

The curriculum at Silver Creek is designed with these guiding principals in mind, and seeks to incorporate them through our vision, mission statement and everyday interactions. Children are encouraged to be themselves, develop their unique persona and strive towards their personal best. Through play-based learning, children make sense of the world and see themselves as a greater part of the whole. Throughout the trial and error experimentation process and inquiry, children develop a keen understanding of the world around them, and create connections between new and understood concepts. Educators embed elements of teaching and learning within the play experiences that children are interested in and naturally drawn to. At Silver Creek, children learn at their own pace through fun and engaging activities designed to enhance their individual skills.

Student Development

While Silver Creek Pre-school recognizes that every child learns and develops differently, we do know that play is the child’s strongest mode of learning.

Both Registered Early Childhood Educators and Therapists alike provide a program that is geared to the individual child within a group setting.

Skill development is tracked and recorded on a daily and/or weekly basis with all information provided to parents monthly through a “Learning Outcome Binder”. Portraying photos of each child playing and learning, this binder provides families with a visual and written description of their child’s successes thus supporting the home to school connection.


Amy De Domenico

My two hearing impaired daughters were placed in classrooms with excellent peer language role models to assist in their language and articulation development. They received individualized programs to meet their needs. Silver Creek prepared them well for mainstream kindergarten. We are forever grateful.

Angela Pires

Silver Creek has given my son the tools that are necessary to succeed in school, and in life. Their patience and love have guided my son to develop in ways that words can’t describe. He is a confident individual who thrives on challenges and I thank Silver Creek for that. Actually, I thank all the members of Silver Creek for all they have done. It is truly a great place to be.

Linda and Darcy DeMonte

The staff at Silver Creek are wonderful people and amazing at what they do. They are a great resource to have as well; very knowledgeable, willing and able to help us as parents through the complicated process of raising a child with special needs. Thank you Silver Creek

Maryanne Tecimer

Our twins started at Silver Creek in the fall of 2009. I knew they were in excellent hands and I saw them progress so rapidly. I was very concerned about their development prior to starting Silver Creek and in no time, they were at the same level as the rest of their peers. The impact the staff at Silver Creek has had on our children has been tremendous. We are happy that our twins will benefit from another year under their guidance.

The Gedi Family

Fadhil has become a more confident boy ready to take on the world. He is able to sign and communicate his needs very efficiently. I am no longer worried about how he will do in school because of the great accomplishments that I have seen while he was at Silver Creek. Thank you for giving us courage and strength.

Farah Fua and Roy Ramnarine

The one-on-one attention, the follow through notes that the OT, the Speech and Language therapist or the music teacher, and everyone that’s involved is phenomenal. Silver Creek staff, you possess the healing hands and big hearts for looking after the welfare of our child in the areas we don’t know how.

Julie Guzzo

Silver Creek is a wonderful, caring and enriching experience for pre-schoolers. The program met our expectations (which were high!) because we had spoken with other parents whose children previously attend Silver Creek Pre-School. The teachers and staff exceeding our expectations.


The staff at Silver Creek have definitely exceeded my expectations in every way. They genuinely care about the children and work tirelessly every day for the benefit of the children. They also have a wealth of knowledge and have become my trusted advisers whenever I have questions or concerns about my child.

Maya Dansereau

I will never forget the moments when interacting with my children’s teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapist and volunteers how obvious it was they were fulfilling their truest calling in supporting them and all children. I feel profoundly lucky and grateful knowing that my children’s path forward is brighter now because of them.

Christopher Graci, 4 years old

The things I like about Silver Creek: 1. Playing on the computer 2. Playing dress-up with my friends 3. I like when the teachers read books to me 4. I also liked to spend time with Bill. He used to tell me jokes.They were very, very, very, very funny. 5. My favourite activity was listening to music