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Snack Time

Snacks are provided by the school and served with the guidance of the classroom teacher. Please remember to alert us to any food allergies or feeding difficulties. Snack time is also a fun way to help your child become more adept at handling cups and utensils.

For the children with feeding difficulties, our physio and occupational therapist will work one on one with the child on oral motor skills and instruct other staff in the method of feeding to ensure safety.

If your child has significant allergies or a restricted diet we ask that you provide their snack food.

Snack time is also an excellent opportunity for language modelling and social interaction.


Toileting is carried out when necessary by a staff assistant. In order for your child to be changed, you must supply us with a bag of diapers. We do not provide these at the school. Also, the appropriate clothes for independence are important too—loose fitting with no buttons or zippers is helpful and allows your child more success in toileting and dressing skills. We also need one spare change of clothes, just in case!

Please label your child’s clothing!