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7Volunteers and Supporters

Volunteer Appreciation Week! April 24 – 27

Volunteers are Back!

Silver Creek was thrilled to welcome volunteers back into the building at the end of September. Five long time volunteers were happy to suit up in their PPE and rejoin our busy classrooms. One volunteer has joined us again, but has shifted her energies to helping in the office. We have also been fortunate to recruit four new volunteers to our team, bringing lots of energy and enthusiasm. The generosity of time and energy from all our volunteers enriches the lives of our students and supports our dedicated staff.

Numbers in Brief 

  • 8 classroom volunteers 
  • Total of 30hrs/week
  • Equivalent to $570.00/week in wages 
  • 1 office volunteer 
  • 10 volunteers on the Board of Directors, minimum of 2.5hrs/month 
  • Savings of a minimum of $60,000/ year in service costs

Our Board of Directors 

As a Not-for-Profit organization Silver Creek is governed by a Board of Directors. It cannot be forgotten that this group of 10 people is made up of volunteers. This diverse group brings a multitude of skills and knowledge to this Board. They provide important services that include human resource guidance, legal advice, accounting services and fundraising. As you can imagine these services make up a large part of a fiscal budget for an organization or business that would normally be fulfilled by at minimum two employees or costly consulting fees. Silver Creek is thankful to be supported by this group of individuals who are offering their skills and time at no cost. Without these individuals Silver Creek would be unable to continue to do the important work it does for the community.

Just to mention a few organizations who assist us both physically and financially…

Without our many Volunteers, Silver Creek would not be the Pre-School it is today, and we sincerely thank them for the hours and days they spend in the classroom and on the Board of Directors. Volunteers come from many walks of life and their assistance greatly enhances our program. Thank you to Silvia Pollinzi for her Volunteer Coordinator role at Silver Creek.

Royalty General Construction Ltd. is a company with a heart as big as our school. They have been supporters of Silver Creek for over 31 years and take every opportunity to let others know about our program and how to help. They organize and run our largest fundraiser — the Royalty General Construction/Silver Creek Golf Tournament at Nobleton Lakes. We take strength from their dedication to our school. The fundraising of owner, Mark Fazio, and colleague Mike Sheridan has benefited the children and program at Silver Creek immensely.

The Board of Directors of the Silver Creek Centre for Early Learning & Development also volunteer their time and resources on a year round basis. Their commitment and hard work has resulted in a school with a 47 year history and still going strong.

The Hustlers Young Men’s Bible Class are a wonderful addition to our repeat supporters. Their foundation has enabled us to purchase equipment and services for the children the past 19 years. We are honoured to have this significant support.

This year’s Captain Xavier Fund has resulted in significant response, and we are greatful to Daniela, Lucanor, Marcus and the supporters and organizers of Lemondade for Love Campaign for making it a success. This support allows some of our families access to theraputic programming at SC.

Toni-yo-yo Run for Fun, is our new fundraising campaign that was launched by Andrea Sluga. We are thankful for Andrea’s leadership and dedication to this intiative and her vision to support families at SC. The contribution of the supporters succeeding in reaching this important goal is inspiring.

The following fundraiser will be happening this year again thanks to a generous anonymous donor and 3 young men—Danny Polito, Mike Sheridan, and Jeff Pascoe. They will be raffling off a chance to win Toronto Maple Leaf Season Tickets, 2019-20. We are grateful for this exciting opportunity and hope you are the winner. For certain, the children at Silver Creek will benefit from this special event.

We thank everyone who participates and contributes to the “Move Your Feet for Silver Creek” Walkathon and the Fall Classic Golf Tournament. These are events that are initiated by our Board of Directors and Staff—all in a Volunteer capacity. We need and appreciate your support at these events.

The Pividor Family designed, constructed and donated an amazing sculpture that is our “Wall of Thanks”. Please take a look at “Grazie”, which holds the names of our benefactors – a continuing show of support.

Volunteers and Supporters (Continued)

Volunteers are indeed the foundation of Silver Creek Pre-School.

If you know someone who may be interested in our Volunteer Program, please let us know. Our application can be found at The rewards are immeasurable!

Our Policy for Volunteers and University/College Students on placement at Silver Creek states:

  • Volunteers and placement students will not be left alone with a child at anytime
  • Vulnerable sector police checks are a requirement to volunteer/work at Silver Creek
  • Volunteers and placement students must follow all policies & procedures of Silver Creek