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Outdoor Playground

We play out of door when weather permits. Children choose activities and happily play under the constant supervision of school staff. It is a wonderful opportunity to practise gross motor skills and to be in a naturalized environment. Don’t forget comfortable and casual clothing for your child is best for every day school activities. In the winter we will remind/request snowpants and boots.

We check the temperature and windchill and will be outside only in appropriate conditions. Similarly in hot weather, we are cognizant of temperature, smog, humidity, clothing and shade

Indoor Playground:

Merlin’s Magic Space (Legoland Discovery Centre)

In 2019 we entered into a partnership with the Merlin’s Magic Wand Foundation and Legoland Discovery Centre Toronto to transform our aging indoor playground into Canada’s very first Merlin’s Magic Space! This room is equipped with swings, slides, soft play equipment, mirrors, balls, bikes, steps, and more, all with a playful Duplo theme. This fun, therapeutic area allows children to express their energetic side while respecting the sensory needs of all our children.

Magical places are not so easy to find, but here at Silver Creek we see magic happen every single day. We’d like to thank Legoland Discovery Centre Toronto and the Merlin’s Magic Wand Foundation for working so diligently with us to add to that magic in a very real, wonderful way!

Snoezelen Room

This multi-sensory room allows children to explore, through touch, sound, sight and smell, a magical environment. It can help stimulate or calm and relax a child depending on which items are employed: music, lighting effects, gentle vibration, tactile stimulation or aromatherapy. The underlying philosophy is that children, especially those with special needs, need the opportunity to play in their own way, exploring through their senses, without demands or expectations. Please come for a visit.

In 2019, our Snoezelen Room is undergoing a complete revision and upgrade with funding courtesy of the City of Toronto as well as the generous financial support of the Kiwanis Club of Kingsway Humber in conjunction with our own Silver Creek Walk-A-Thon. Thank you to all parents, partners, and Friends of Silver Creek who helped make this possible!

We would also like to acknowledge the past support of the Rotary Club of Toronto-Forest Hill, who helped make our original Snoezelen Room a reality.