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Program & Pedagogy Policy

Silver Creek follows the philosophy of the Ministry of Education’s Early Learning for Every Child Today document (ELECT). We are guided by the principals of ELECT and the 2014 document “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years.”

The curriculum at Silver Creek is designed with these guiding principals in mind, and seeks to incorporate them through our vision, mission statement and everyday interactions. Children are encouraged to be themselves, develop their unique persona and strive towards their personal best. Through play-based learning, children make sense of the world and see themselves as a greater part of the whole. Throughout the trial and error experimentation process and inquiry, children develop a keen understanding of the world around them, and create connections between new and understood concepts. Educators embed elements of teaching and learning within the play experiences that children are interested in and naturally drawn to. At Silver Creek, children learn at their own pace through fun and engaging activities designed to enhance their individual skills.

Student Development

While Silver Creek Pre-school recognizes that every child learns and develops differently, we do know that play is the child’s strongest mode of learning.

Both Registered Early Childhood Educators and Therapists alike provide a program that is geared to the individual child within a group setting.

Skill development is tracked and recorded on a daily and/or weekly basis with all information provided to parents monthly through a “Learning Outcome Binder”. Portraying photos of each child playing and learning, this binder provides families with a visual and written description of their child’s successes thus supporting the home to school connection.