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School Transportation

To our families who require transportation services from silver creek:

Silver Creek Pre-School raises funds each year (over $120,000) to provide busing service for those families who could not access the school without this support. In 2009 we started to pass on approximately 25% of the full cost to families who use the transportation and are able to pay for this service. Silver Creek has recognized the need and supported transportation for our students, all of these years. We thank the parents who are able to make their own transportation arrangements for their children as this allows us to serve someone who has no other way.

We outsource our busing service to First Student Canada, Ltd. All of your communication around busing should be with First Student Canada.

The number is 416-444-7030.

Presently First Student is providing car seats for every child (or booster seat if indicated) this year and these will remain on the buses. The car seat will be adjusted by the safety certified staff of First Student. There can be no alternatives to a CSA car seat. In most instances there will be the opportunity for a parent to ride on the bus if you have an appointment at Silver Creek to see the teachers or therapists, or just to visit. This will need to be arranged with Silver Creek and First Student Canada, but will be a convenient and helpful situation for many of you.

I trust you will all do your best to make this transportation/situation work favourably. First Student is now your contact for all busing information, questions and service at (416) 444-7030.

If you are on this transportation system, you must sign a waiver of liability and responsibility with respect to this transportation and fill out a form in June indicating pick up and drop off location, emergency and medical information, and contacts. You will also receive a booklet from Silver Creek outlining the transportation program, in detail.

Following are some of your other obligations in accepting this transportation.

School transportation for children

  1. Parents must place their child in the seat or child seat and do up the seatbelt/carseat harness.
  2. Children must NOT be put on the bus with food or tiny toys in their hands or pockets. This is a choking hazard.
  3. The drivers have a very tight schedule. They would love to stop and chat, but another child is waiting to be picked up. Please don’t delay them. Also, please call First Student Dispatch (416) 444-7030 ahead of time if your child is to be absent and when your child will be returning to school.
  4. At times the driver may be late. Please be patient as they have road and traffic conditions to contend with. Although the drivers always do their best to be on time, the safety of the children is their top priority.
  5. To protect the children from road hazards, in very extreme weather the buses will not pick up the children. You will be informed very early in the day if the transportation service is unavailable due to road conditions. Also, in the case of sudden bad weather during the day, please be home as drivers will probably bring the children home early – you will be advised.
  6. As changes are made to enrolment throughout the year, this may cause changes to your child’s pick up or drop off time. Our goal is to have the children arrive safely at school, minimizing the time each child is in the bus, so do expect that changes may occur throughout the year.
  7. Your financing obligation this year is $200/month for this transportation service. The cost to Silver Creek is approximately $460/month/per child.